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your forecasted highs coming up.
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. vallejo police are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly shooting. and north korea is
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threatened our security with its latest test, we will have more on how the united nations is responding. we will talk about gun control and a newly opened gun store, we will tell you what happened. president barack obama gets ready for his state of the union address. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, this tuesday morning february 12th, i am pam cook. steve is here, are you concerned about fog this morning? >> no, not that much, there is still more than yesterday, and we have a component which will wipe out the fog and we have upper 60s for many, and some 50s closer to the coast.
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here is sal. coming to the willow pass grade you can see the traffic is busy and it is looking good as you drive down to the mcarthur maze, let's go to the desk. police are searching for a suspect where one person was killed and four others were wounded. tara moriarty is joining us from vallejo and tara, the police are still out there? >> yes, this is the second homicide of the year and the second in just a week. you can see behind me we have the street blocked off and we have lit up the evidence markers and there are dozens of shell casings and they are spending a good deal inside the garage where we believ five people were shot. it happened on humbolt street and detectives confirm five people were shot, one man in
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his 20s killed. another person was rushed to the hospital with injuries and they were rushed to the medical center shortly after the shooting. >> it is undetermined as to the placement of where these vehicles or suspects or victims were, we don't know that yet, we are still in the early stages of trying to figure this thing out. >> reporter: police were able to secure a search warrants and they have been through the house as well as the car which is belonging to one of the victims we are told. we don't believe they found anything in that car but police were looking for any clues, any weapons that might assist in the investigation. one victim was a man and the other was a woman. we are live in vallejo, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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three car pileup in hayward sends three people to the hospital right now police are searching for the drivers and it happened southbound on 880. a nissan hit the guardrail and spun into the middle of the freeway and second car hit the nissan and the driver of that car ran away. >> the driver of the second car we are attempting to locate him, the passenger of the vehicle stayed at the scene and there were no injuries. >> a third car skimmed part of this accident scene. about 3:30 the freeway was completely back open and police are investigating whether alcohol was involved. another town hall meeting as people debate gun sales and we have janine de la vega to talk about the outcome. >> reporter: some people opposed some sort of an
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emergency shut down of the company until the town could come up with regulations for selling guns. that didn't happen and the store will remain open but the issue will be studied. people were there to discuss the opening of this store because there was no public meeting about the opening of this new store. there were many others who held up signs for support of that store and here is what both sides had to say. >> this is not about access to guns. there are plenty of places to purchase a weapon, the question is why do we need to be one of those places? >> nobody cares to see violence, it is an ugly thing but we have the ability to use that in a positive way. i believe the gun shop can do that. teaching respect to our kids is
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probably more important than walking by a gun shop and saying that is evil. >> they should come back for a future meeting to come up with future gun sales, requiring ammunition sales and a temporary moratorium on gun sales, but the attorney for the store said any potential ordinance or moratorium on future gun stores will not affect their operation. >> reporter: coming up later on the morning news, we plan again on reaching out to the gun store owner to talk about his feelings about all of this and he was talking to the employees yesterday off camera and this has been frustrating for them and challenging and they did go through all the permit process an opportunity council knew about this and all of this discussion will be happening
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after. north korea conducted an an underground test. they are due to begin an emergency meeting in response to what north korea did. china is also responding to that nuclear test. president barack obama gives his state of the union address at 6:00 tonight. he will talk about some of the issues he raised in his inauguration speech, immigration reform reducing gun violence and investing in education. more than anything the president is expected to talk about the economy and creating jobs. >> the president's preoccupation since he began running for office is what we need to do is raise the economy
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for the middle-class... >> senator marco rubio will give a response immediately after the president's speech. he will deliver it in english and spanish and that is seen by republicans to attract latino voters. he will be seated near the first lady and the first lady has also invited military families and victims of gun violence. you can watch the address right here starting at 6:00. then at 7:30 we will break down the president's speech and gop response. let's get everybody going, sal, how is the east shore going? >> right now traffic is busier in vallejo and also in richmond on the way to el cerrito. you can see it is on the way to
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the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks like those metering lights are going on. once you make it on to the bridge it does look okay. there are no major problems if you drive across the san mateo or the dumbarton. highway 4 is still looking good as you drive between 680 -- 680 and 80. it will get chewed up and there is a slight on shore component and there is still an easterly breeze in place. yesterday 63 and with the addition of low clouds and fog today we will push for 50. we will start 46 and 57 by noon and 59 later on. no doubt about it, it will be cooler but nothing that screams
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rain. our system that did bring our last rain on friday has moved into texas and the panhandle. look at the severe weather in oklahoma city and snow on the backside of the area towards wichita. our system has picked up a lot of strength. 30s and 40s we have some cold readings inland and a half moon bay is 47 and i have seen 34 near embarcadero. there is more of a westerly flow and breeze temperatures are moderating a little bit but still pretty nice, cooler coast and bay, and it will be nice once the fog burns off. berkeley 59 brentwood oakland 63, 64 san jose and that's two  warmer than yesterday.
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gilroy 63, redwood city pearling game daily -- burlingame, daily city 64. it is pretty nice on the weekend but just a little bit cooler. a surprising thing for the international committee, find out which sport did not make the olympics. and he was seen -- christopher dorner was seen in dick's sporting good store just a week before his deadly attacks.
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. welcome back, we have a surveillance video of christopher dorner. he went to a southern california sporting good store just two days before the killings began. this is video from a store in tore runs and shows -- tore runs. he was buying scuba diving equipment. the times reports they now have evidence christopher dorner may have fled to mexico and he may have had help from a friend
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identified as jy. police are stressing he has been on the run for more than a week and he could be anywhere. >> we have over 600 clues coming in from the public and some of these relate to sightings of christopher dorner. >> christopher dorner is wanted for the murder of three people and they were revenge killings for being fired from the police force five years ago. they are holding an imagine sip meeting right now and it is in response to the nuclear test carried out earlier today. kyla campbell is here with us and you just got off the phone with united nations. >> reporter: this is a closed door meeting at the un in new york city and they will likely come up with sanctions against north korea even though they claim this latest test was a self-defense measure and they
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have not violated any international laws. the white house condemns the test which comes on the heels of a test done in december. they warn further swift and credible action by the international community and those actions could be crafted in the coming hours by the united nations council. a man who wrote a book on the nuclear goals says more sanctions exist. >> people say there is more we can do but that is not true because united nations put out sanctions. >> reporter: condemning the nuclear test today, sanctions could be put back on the table and with this latest test, north korea warns of unspecified third measures of greater intensity. we will take a look at the
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nuclear tests and how this could affect people on the west coast when i see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. happening right now friends and flame members of former navy seal chris kyle are getting ready to make the stop at a final resting place. we want to take a look at the procession and it happened a short time ago. it is headed to the texas state cemetery in austin where he will be laid to rest. you can see the car in the procession and the former navy seal died at that gun range february 2nd. a formal hearing will be held after the sinking of the h ms bounty last october which happened shortly after super storm sandy hit. that ship is a replica of an
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18th century boat and investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. new safety rules will be considered next week, this comes after a tanker hit a tower under the bridge. that tanker had a quarter of a mile visibility and they have made a list of recommendations including prohibiting ships from sailing north under the bridge if visibility is a half mile or less. the ceo is accusing the reporter of misrepresenting the performance of a model sedan test drive. it did not meet the range and they fired back saying the battery was not fully charged. it reported going faster than 35 miles per hour and he drove
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it in freezing temperatures. the olympic committee decided to drop wrestling. a surprise decision removes one of the oldest olympic sports from the games and however they found interest for eliminating one sport allows them to add another sport to the olympic program later on this year. what happened last year after a positive drug test, colone has rejoined the oakland a's during spring training. he tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. he has not been around his teammates until yesterday when pitchers and catchers reported to spring training in arizona. that suspension included 45 games of last season which will carry over to the first five games of 2013. it is always a great time
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to check in on highway 4. this is one of the busiest freeways as you probably already know. you can see it is a little bit slow coming over the hill. there are no crashes on the way but this is kind of one of the peak hours for this drive over to concord. we have a 10 to 15 minute wait at the toll plaza. the metering lights laid down and there are no problems on the bridge. it still looks good from vallejo to panola, same thing with fremont, traffic looks okay. let's go to steve. napa airport and oakland downtown hit 68 degrees and not today, there is a little bit more in the way of coastal low clouds and also some patchy fog
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and santa rosa is clear. there is a slight component of an offshore breeze and 30s for many of us, 31 up in bolder creek, cupertino 33, 34 up in kentfield. there is some cold readings which is slightly cooler than yesterday. you can see a little bit of that fog right there and that was not the case yesterday. fog sun mild coast and bay, i think that fog will get chewed up pretty fast. 50s to mid-60s, it may be warmer and santa cruz fremont in there as well. not much change and warmer weather kicks in thursday into friday and the weekend is starting off well, it will just be a little bit cooler. the number of homeowners who are late on mortgage payments continues to drop.
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the delinquency rate fell which is down slightly from the third quarter and 1% from the end of 2011. you can make a big impression on the megarose. they have 6-foot stems, twice as many petals and they get that breeding for growing it in special soil. they also pay for them. it costs about 240 flowers but what are you going to do with a 6-foot bouquet? >> i don't know. i am going to buy that for my wife. wow. we have breaking news, we are just getting an announcement and the president is expected to bring home troops in the near future. bread can actually be damaging, we will tell you how
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one of our stable foods could put bread in harm's way for birds. -- how bread to put birds in harm's way. ♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪
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. time now 6:24 the associated press is announcing president barack obama is delivering his state of the
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union address and troops will be home a year from today from afghanistan. right now there are 60,000 american troops and they are supposed to leave by the end of 2014. that is when u.s. led forces are expected to hand over that country's security to afghan forces. this has cost the university about 23,000 dollars. according to the newspaper, that money could go up. the overtime is for police and firefighters and they have entered a plea of not guilty to charges of making and storing explosives. they found several ingredients, including the primary ingredient used in that item. this is proved to be
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dangerous for birds. various bird supporters have found bread causes a deformative called angel wing and that causes the wings to stick straight out and then they lose the ability to fly. feeding seeds is a less damaging alternative, we are told. now we get to talk about traffic and the commute, sal, what do you see? it is getting busier, as we look at some of these pictures getting up to highway 17 and that traffic continues to look pretty good, no major problems by the way on the sunole grade as you drive through, southbound 680 traffic looks good at the bottom of the hill. let's go to steve. yesterday was clear, smooth sailing and it was warm for some, it will still be nice today but there is a component of an offshore breeze which
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still exists and cooler coast and bay with upper 50s and 60s and some mid-60s inland. the pope stunned the world after his announcement and new information on what led to his decision, we will explain. we will tell you how many people were shot inside of a garage and how many people were killed. we will take you to talk live about the local companies making headlines this morning. stay tuned. jwwñ
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. welcome back. coming up on 6:30 a little pony on the nasdaq. that is a familiar name in our house for sure.
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over on the new york stock exchange, there is the opening bell live and they are introducing a lot of stuff, burger king will have lattes chipolta will have new stuff as well. >> and the chips will fall where they may. we will smile and say good morning to you, thanks for joining us, it is already tuesday pam, february 12th, i am dave clark. this morning police in vallejo are searching for suspects in a terrifying shooting, one person was killed, four others wounded and tara moriarty joins us where police are still on the scene, tara? >> reporter: you really get a sense of how violent how things were just by looking at the street. the yellow markers are bullet casings and police say the people in the garage nearby were caught under a hail of
6:33 am
bullets. this is vallejo's second homicide of the year and just the second in a week which broke out on humbolt street. detectives confirm five people were shot, one man in his 20s was killed. another person was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries but three other gunshot victims were drip in their own car -- driven in their own car shortly after the shooting to the hospital. >> preliminary vexing are -- investigations are continuing and right now we are trying to piece everything together. >> reporter: police were able to obtain search warrant through the home as well as a car parked in the street and it is a grayish car, it is hard to see in the dark. we don't think they found anything in the car but they
6:34 am
did get some information while conducting interviews in the hospal. we are trying to find out if they confiscated guns from those victims. one gunshot victim was a man and one was a woman, we are hoping to find out more in the next hour. live in vallejo, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is suspected of getting away near 100 and international boulevard. the suspect crashed into a car during that short chase. the passenger who was hit was taken to the hospital listed with minor injuries. in concord questions were asked where a teen was hit in across walk and seriously hurt. alex savage is there where it all happened and we have more on what the young man's mother is now asking for, alex?
6:35 am
>> reporter: many in this area say cars will often speed through this intersection and ignore pedestrians. the boy was in this crosswalk and his mom is now telling ktvu channel 2 morning news she believes the city should put stop signs here to prevent similar accidents like this one. the freshman at mt. diablo high school has severe swelling on his brain. he was walking to basketball practice where the crash happened. the car slammed into him and he flew 30 feet into the air landing on his head. the driver is cooperating with police and investigators she did not show any signs of impairment. the boy's mother is calling for safety improvements at this intersection to better protect pedestrians. >> it they run through -- they run through the crosswalk and
6:36 am
they speed and it took something like this and i hope the city of concord finally wakes up and does something about this intersection because there is going to be more lives in danger. >> last night, his teammates could be seen linking hands and praying for him at the high school. basketball practice was canceled. he is now in a medically- induced coma and he will remain there until the swelling on his brain goes down. in the meantime i did speak with concord police and they say there is no updates on their crash investigation and we are still waiting to find out if the driver of yesterday's accident will be facing any charges. live in concord, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. archdiocese is recognizing the pope benedict xvi -- that pope benedict xvi has a pace
6:37 am
maker. the pope cited his age and fatigue and the reason he is stepping down. they hope the new leader will allow them to reexamine issues such as abortion and same sex marriages and the role of women in the church. >> i think the church needs to move forward and it becomes dangerous because people are not going to stand for it and they will loose a lot of the people they had. >> sources say even the pope's closest associates had no idea he was planning on stepping down. the catholic church hopes to have a new pope in place for easter and this could be a historic decision. the number of catholics is declining in europe and there is a boom in asia and latin america and a new pope could come from a country far away from europe. we have a new tab dedicated to the pope, and you will find
6:38 am
more information on the pope's decision to step down and the process they will use in choosing a new pope on we are starting in the south bay, dave, pam 237 exactly, westbound milpitas, it is nothing out of the ordinary, if you are driving near 808 it -- 880 it is also slowing down. i want to show you 880 and fremont, it is normally 14 minutes when it's clear and that's about what it's now. i actually refreshed it, it is 18 minutes, still not too bad, i have a feeling it will not stay this low, let's go to steve. coastal fog is moving up and down the coast. it looks like san mateo and
6:39 am
marin and now fog is moving up the coast and some of that low cloud deck is moving over the bay. we even see some patchy fog over the bay area. with the fog ramping up along the coast it will be cooler in san francisco, yesterday 53, we will have 59 today and i think the fog will be wiped out. our last rain system was on friday has picked up a lot of energy and you can see severe weather in oklahoma city which is already turning to snow. there is severe weather out ahead of that in parts of the deep south so it is really our little guys are the -- guy is the big weather maker. that breeze also shows signs of being offshore and there is
6:40 am
more of an on shore push showing northwest and you get a good look at the fog there. there was hardly any and it tells us fog, sun and a little cooler coast and bay, there is still going to be sun no rain in site, -- sight that is for sure. still a few upper 60s, clear lake 68, walnut creek 63, alamo in there 59, alameda 59. santa cruz 64 also san jose. 50s on the coast also passive can daily city and bruno woodside 60s. then we warm it up thursday and friday and we get a taste of 70s and it is okay on the weekend but just a little bit cooler. they are still cleaning up in mississippi after last
6:41 am
weekend's powerful storm. almost 600 homes and businesses were destroyed. more than 80 people were hurt and 7,000 people have no electricity. a shelter has been set up for people who have no homes. roads are being cleared from that big weekend storm which dropped a record amount of snow. the biggest concern is that roofs may collapse from the weight of all the snow and ice. they evacuated area's biggest mall because of a major roof leak. rain in the big easy is expected during tonight's fat tuesday celebration but organizers say it will not keep people off the streets. despite the rainy weather, parades went on as usual and they are expected to bring as many as 1 million people to the streets of new orleans. the mardi gras will be held at the plaza tonight and we will
6:42 am
have colorful beads, could the times and -- costumes and that kicks off at 1:00 and there is a mascara raid ball at the west bay center. it is not your imagination former vice-president al gore is here and we will have more on who is upset about his vis >> san mateo traffic looks good and moving well out to the high- rise, we will have more straight ahead.
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. a lot more coastal and bay fog, we have 50s and 60s over by the coast. all right, steve, here is a quick look at some of the stories we are following. this morning police in vallejo were searching for suspects in a terrifying shooting last night. one person was killed, four others were wounded and it happened on humbolt street about 4:30, it is still not clear what led up to the shootings. a freshman was hit by a car in across walk in concord.
6:46 am
he was hit on grand street yesterday afternoon. the driver who hit him stopped and did cooperate with police. this morning north korea said the latest nuclear test was only a first response to what it calls u.s. threats. the north korean government will continue with specified greater intensity with second and third measures. we will have a response to north korea's actions. the senate armed services committee is holding hearings to possible cuts and spending. we are taking you there live to look at this meeting which is being held in washington d.c. and the committee is discussing the impacts they would have on the defense department. $85billion in spending cuts are said to take place on march 1st. we are listening to this and we
6:47 am
will bring you updates from this hearing as soon as we get that available to us. gun restrictions will be discussed at a senate judiciary subcommittee today. they are taking opposing sides on the issue of gun control. this is the second meeting since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut. and here in los gatos, they drew a huge crowd and tara moriarty is here to talk about why -- janine de la vega is here to talk about why the course is not over -- controversy is not over yet. >> reporter: they say they are pleased with the way things turned out last night and they were sort of preparing for the worst and they thought the town might try to shut down the store but the attorney said they can't do that and now they have to make the community feel more comfortable with the store
6:48 am
and i will explain that in just a moment. let's go to some video with last night's meeting. they were packed to discuss the future of gun stores in los gatos. people are upset because it opened in december without a public meeting being held. they held up signs saying aaccountability and transparency. there were others holding up signs in support. they went through all the legal permit processes they needed to open and here is what each side told the town counsel last night. >> reporter: the town council will require all guns and retail sales to be frozen until regulations are made by the town. >> they offer more than service and products to our community. it allows access to a right.
6:49 am
taking away rights or restricting any of our rights will adversely affect us as a free society. >> after hearing both sides, they will come back to a meeting on march 4th to discuss putting new policies in place for anybody else who wants to sell arms. they will require i.d. checks for ammunition and a temporary moratorium on gun sales. the attorney for the store said anymore tore yum on future -- moratorium on future gun sales will not affect them. we reached out to the owner to get some reaction from him. we have not heard back and he has been through quite an ordeal and after last night's meeting he did receive a death threat but we want to get reaction from him from last
6:50 am
night's town council meeting. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. former vice-president al gore will be speaking at several locations and protests against him were also planned. the nobel peace prize winner will be talking about his book. opponents of global smart meters will be protesting his appearance in san francisco and al gore has been an adviser. he will be speaking at noontime today and tonight he will be speaking at the theater in san francisco and tomorrow he will be speaking in san rafael at dominion university. they are working hard to convince bay area businesses to move to texas. it is the second day of a three day visit to california and he was in san francisco yesterday
6:51 am
and plans to meet with more businesses today. although perry would not name which companies, one is confirmed it is a company which will listen to what he has to say. it is a manufacturing company and the state of california is hoping they will stay here. richmond's tunnel has been closed after they discovered concrete failure inside. the 100-year-old tunnel connects richmond with brick yard could he have and sea cliff neighborhoods. crews discovered the weakness after trying to fix cracks and installing a new drainage system. the repairs are expected to take three months. sal, are you finding any problems on roads and highways? >> it is slow here but it is also slower in antioch and
6:52 am
pittsburgh as you drive through. so i checked with chp and we don't have a lot going on when it comes to stalled vehicles here on this stretch. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. it is about a 25 minute delay and we are rounding up 25 minutes before the end of the line before you make it on to the bridge and looking at the commute in hayward, traffic on southbound 880 is going now 8 minutes and it is north of 280 and san jose, i believe we can find it for you by the next report. let's go to steve. well a lot more low clouds and fog and in fact it is stretching from santa cruz and monterey bay and all the way up to bodega and beyond. it is a little different pattern and the coast is clear but not today. coast and bay fog, cooler today. more of the same tomorrow.
6:53 am
it does look warmer thursday and friday and in fact we will hit some highs in the 70s and today seems to be the warmest day of the week. it is 63 and we will cool down with a high of 59 with the addition of that cloud deck and we have more of a westerly breeze and on shore breeze. it is holding ground but there is a little system increasing that cloud deck. 30s on the temperatures and 40s near the coast. the fog is back and that verifies half-moon bay has fog and there is a lot more 30s than we saw yesterday. fairfield had 31. it is going more parallel to the coast and it will be cooler and coast and bay there will be plenty of sunshine. berkeley 59, downtown oakland
6:54 am
68. santa cruz 60 and 68 in gilroy and ukiah. sunshine warmer weather, thursday into friday and into the weekend it will still be nice but just a little bit cooler. the ntsb are looking into weather tiny fibers played a roll in the fires on the 787. the aircraft does not plan anymore test flights but instead they will analyze the battery information they gathered on inn flight -- on in fight yesterday. -- on in flights, yesterday. power aid, china totals sales dropped by 4%.
6:55 am
the new item chipolta is testing out in its bay restaurants and we will tell you why some customers have a beef with it. we will have more on the new added benefits the military will get this summer, stay tuned for more. nd dad was recg his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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. take you life from new york to the nasdaq, s&p 500 is up slightly nasdaq is down but the markets are starting to react after the president speaks and it is the president's plan to speak about the deficit. a man is in the hospital after being shot several times by richmond police. it happened 5:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors called police saying an armed man was walking in the streets. when police arrived they confronted an armed man behind an apartment building and they shot him. the officers have been placed on administrative leave and that's department policy. they are providing expanded benefits which are available as early as august 31st. they will help with support programs on military bases and the ability to fly on defense
6:59 am
department aircraft. starting today, chipolta is starting a new recipe. they are trying out a new vegan burrito and for now the toe few will come -- tofu will come from the soybeanry. they will cut the costs as costs of beef continues to rise. quarterback joe montana will be the guest of honor on powell street between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. the first 150 people in line will get a chance to win an autographed football or even try to cut a path. others will get post cards. >> let's check traffic, sal. they are looking r the police car on 287 and 280 and traffic is moving very

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